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Unleash the Power and Ease of Content Management Systems

Joomla is one of the most popular and often used Open Source Content Management Systems available. With over seven thousand free and paid extensions and components it has wide industry support. Joomlas ease of updating the core make it better suited for smaller companies without an IT department.

 Some of the benefits of Joomla:

Components – Add extra functionality to your site through the use of components. Easily add shopping carts, business blogs, support forums, back-up systems, etc. to your site.
Plug-ins – Easily installed extensions that operate on the back-end to add special functionality with java-scripts that add event handlers for user experience and security.
Updates – One click updates to Joomla core and its extensions, plug-ins and templates.
Users - Easily add uses that can edit content, install updates and back-up your content.

As with all Content Management Systems, security is very important. All web sites are constantly being probed by automated web BOTS that constantly scrap servers for vulnerable extensions for their malware to exploit. As your webmaster, we make sure your site Joomla Core, extensions and plug-ins are regularly updated and security patches are applied as soon as they are posted.

Content systems are powerful applications that need to be regularly maintained by experienced and knowledgeable Internet specialists. If you are interested in updating your site to a Joomla CMS, we can get your company up and running, and train your users to take your business website to the next level.

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