Open Source CMS

Unleash the Power and Ease of Content Management Systems

One of the best ways to manage your business web site is to use the power and ease of web based application management software called Content Management Systems (CMS). CMS systems are quick ways to start building your site immediately with the use of Templates or Themes. These can be installed on your sites administration interface and easily customized to your company’s look, logo and colors. These templates come with all the controls to format the sites layout, color schemes, sites navigation and location of custom content blocks. These systems reduce the amount of developing code from scratch and the time to get your site live quickly.

Wedezine can set your business site up on a CMS system for your company to manage or you can take advantage of our webmaster services. As your webmaster we can make sure security upgrades are applied as soon as they are announced and make sure all extensions, plugins and module patches and updates are applied on a regular basis.

If you are still operating on an old HTML we recommend that your company upgrade to a CMS, this will make your site attractive to major search engines indexing your site. We can migrate your existing HTML website to a content management system of your choice and operate within budget.

 Key CMS Features:

  • Pages are easily optimized for Search Engine Result Pages
  • Built in FTP allows for easy upload of images and any documents
  • Templates allow for quick changes to the look of your site
  • Quickly add functionality to your site with extensions and modules.
  • Content can be staged to publish and un-publish based on time and date
  • Allows content to be restricted to registered users only, hidden from the public
  • Responsive Layout - adapts automatically to the viewing device's width, such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Wedezine offers services for the three leading Open Source Content Management Systems; Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

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